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Risk Factors of Onychomycosis

onychomycosis infectionCommon pathogens including¬†Dermatophytes and Candida are the main causes of nail fungus. Dermatophytes are more common in temperate regions of the western hemisphere… and Candida based infections more common in the tropical regions with hot and humid temperatures.

Risk factors include:

Age – age is the biggest factors involved in fungal infections. As blood flow decreases in the limbs, nails tend to grow slower and are more susceptible to infection. Nails also are more likely to split and become brittle as you age, which increases the risk of a fungal infection.

Excessive sweating – this is another major cause of toenail fungus infections, especially in athletes. If you work out on a daily basis, make sure you always wear a clean pair of socks for each workout session. Never re-use a dirty pair of workout socks!

Humid climates – nail fungus is most prevalent in humid climates. It’s recommended that you run a dehumidifier in your home to reduce the amount of moisture in the air of your home.

Going barefoot – always make sure you wear sandals in damp public places like pools, showers, and locker rooms. This is one of the most common breeding grounds for fungal pathogens.

Diabetes – Diabetics are at an increased risk of toenail fungus infections.

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