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Hi – I’m Dan Kopen (author of

As an avid martial artist of almost 10 years, I’ve been infected with nail fungus on 3 separate occasions (2 toenail infections, 1 fingernail infection).

It’s embarrassing, however yellow toenails are a common ailment of many martial arts practitioners:

Gym floor mats soak up sweat, and the elevated room temperatures caused by the release of body heat, create the perfect breeding ground for fungi and bacteria!

Long story short, after dealing with my own nail fungus infections and helping other people at my gym get rid of theirs, I inadvertently became an expert on toenail fungus.

       (my treatment book)

I became obsessed, really…  Enough that I even wrote a book on toenail fungus treatment (yeah… I actually wrote one).

Anyway, since I’ve spent so much time researching, and testing out different treatments, I decided to create to share my wealth of knowledge when it comes to getting rid of toe fungus.

The way I see it, the more people I inform about proper nail fungus treatment methods, the less likely I will become infected with it again in the future.

With that said, enjoy the website, and please contact me if you have any questions about treating your fungus, or want to share methods that have worked for you in the past!

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