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toenail fungus treatment

3 Simple Treatments to Combine to Clear Your Nail Fungus Even Faster!

When it comes to treating fungal toenails or fingernails, some treatments work better than others…

Some require a lot of time…

Some require little time.

With that said…

Here are 3 simple treatments you can combine to get clear, healthy nails fast:

simple toe fungus treatments

File Down Your Nails – Use a nail file to file down your infected nail as low as possible. This will help decrease the mass of fungus built up on your nail, making it easier to treat overall.

Another thing I recommend you do is use nail clippers to trim down the length of your nails (without hurting yourself) if possible. I also recommend you sterilize your nail clippers in alcohol after each use. Do not use your nail clippers on any of your other nails, or share your clippers with housemates because this can spread your infection!

Sunlight/UV light – Natural sun light works wonders on toenail and fingernail fungus. In the summer time, expose your nails to open-air sunlight as much as possible. You can also focus sunlight onto your infected nail by using a small magnifying glass. Focus the light in small bursts – being careful NOT to burn your nail. Do this over a period of 5-10 minutes daily.

Topical/Oral Solutions – After you’ve filed down your nails, and have exposed them to sunlight, the next crucial step is to apply a treatment solution.

To attack your nail fungus topically:

  • Vinegar footbaths
  • Listerine footbaths
  • Hydrogen Peroxide on a cotton ball swab.

To attack your fungus infection internally:

  • 1 shot of apple cider vinegar in the morning
  • Or 1/2 shot of coconut oil daily.


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